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●iles, I struck off through the sea of mud that▓ passed for a highway, towards Aberfoyle, fif●teen miles distant. The rain ●continued.An hour beyond, the road ▓skirted the shore of Loch Katrine ▓and stretched away across a desola

te m▓oorland.Fatigue drove away hunger

Our Couple

and was ●in turn succeeded by a drowsiness▓ in which my legs m

oved themselves mec▓hanically, carrying me on thr●ough the dusk and into the darkness.I▓t was past eleven when I splashed▓ into Aberfoyle, too late to find

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an ope

n s▓hop in straight-laced Scotland, and, routi▓ng out

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a modest inn, I we●nt supperless to bed.Months afterwa

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